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Adam Audio A7X

What is it?A successor to the A7 active near-field monitor employing an X-ART tweeter in place of the original ART unit. DetailsAdam describes the changes made to the original A7 two-way monitor as a “fundamental revision” with all aspects of the design overhauled and improved upon. The 7” low/mid driver now incorporates a significantly larger 1.5” voice coil and is driven by an amplifier delivering twice the power of its predecessor. The re-design is said to produce much increased sound pressure levels and “almost distortion-free” musical reproduction down to 42Hz.
The A7X incorporates two amplifiers – the aforesaid low/mid frequency amp delivering 100W RMS from a PWM (Class D) design and a 50W RMS Class AB amplifier driving the X-ART tweeter. The ‘X’ in X-ART stands for eXtended frequency response and the ‘ART’ for Accelerating Ribbon Technology. Together they offer an improved upper frequency limit of 50kHz, higher efficiency and an increased maximum SPL of 114dB. The A7X drivers are crossed over at 2.5kHz and maintain 0.5% THD (90dB/1m >100 Hz).
The enclosure has also been subject to a re-design and now benefits from two bass reflex ports but retains the characteristic bevel of the upper two corners intended to minimize reflections. Overall cabinet size is 337mm x 201mm x 280mm and includes a front-panel power switch and level control as well as rear-panel high/low shelving filters and tweeter gain controls. Both (balanced) XLR and (unbalanced) RCA input connections are included, but the enclosure is not magnetically shielded.