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AC-ET supplies Nexo PA to leading UK boarding school

A.C Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd’s audio division has supplied a new Nexo PA system to the Performing Arts Centre at Downe House boarding school, writes Paul Watson.

The multi-purpose Performing Arts Centre at Berkshire’s Downe House, one of the UK’s leading boarding schools for 11-18 year old girls, is a former barn which now functions as a multi-purpose venue, and has become an integral hub of activity on the school’s campus. Downe House’s head of technical, Joe Hilton, required a speaker system that would allow the bottom down fills in the main speaker hangs to be cut when the floor was up, and provide a more adaptable set up for the building, so no re-rigging was required each time the configuration of the space was altered. Hilton approached Peter Butler, sales manager at AC-ET’s audio division, A.C Audio, and the company suggested a Nexo Geo S805 compact line array system. Eight Nexo Geo S805s were supplied, flown in two four-per-side left and right hangs, together with four CD12-P hyper-cardioid subs, which are flown upstage of the main arrays to prevent back-spill onto the stage. The entire system is powered and processed by Nexo NXAMP 4X4 Powered TD controllers. The first major event using the new system was the House drama event, where all five Houses in the school staged their own drama production over one day. Close to 3,000 audience members passed through the venue during the day, and approximately 500 of the girls were involved in the stage performances. Hilton says the Nexo system made a real difference to the sound. “It lifted the whole room,” he insists, adding that theatre production is one of the trickiest areas of sound to get right. “I now have plenty of headroom to achieve this, and no needs for delays, which is another improvement from the old set up. The Nexo system is absolutely doing the job I asked, and is a joy to work with.” Downe House shows and events are mixed using a Yamaha M7CL digital console which was also supplied by AC-ET.