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A glittering live debut for the Midas PRO2C

In its inaugural ‘real world’ deployment, the Midas PRO2C live audio system handled FOH for artists including Beverley Knight and Foals during the recent Lake of Stars Festival, held on the shores of Lake Malawi.

In its inaugural ‘real world’ deployment, the Midas PRO2C live audio system handled FOH at the recent Lake of Stars Festival on the shores of Lake Malawi.

The PRO2C was used for artists including Beverley Knight, Foals, Black Missionaries and Lucius Banda.

As well as juggling varying musical demands, the PRO2C also had to contend with extreme temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius, an abundance of sand and grit, and a fuel crisis that meant power was only available shortly before the festival opened.

“I really love the PRO2C; it was very easy to get to grips with, and after just 30 minutes I could start the show confidently,” said FOH engineer Craig Williams (pictured here with Malawian engineer Vinos Kaziputa). “I’m more accustomed to the Midas Heritage series and the classic XL3, which I will always love, but the tiny footprint and low weight for a festival like Lake of Stars is perfect. Not needing a rack of outboard saves a huge amount in shipping costs to somewhere like Africa, and even more in sweat when you have to handball the kit across a beach in the sun!”

Williams reserved particular praise for the console’s MCA groups and daylight visible screen, adding that visiting engineers also felt comfortable with the system. The desk performed without a glitch for three days in extreme heat and environmental conditions – “more than can be said for my body!” as Williams observed.

Midas was one of the festival’s many technical partners to provide free audio-visual equipment, helping raise a profit for the local economy. In 2010, the festival generated $1,000,000 of local spend, employing more than 100 Malawian people and providing a boost to local families and businesses. The festival also ran an outreach programme with ballgames, acoustic performances and an HIV screening clinic.

Lake of Stars founder Will Jameson commented: “We are so happy to welcome Midas to our family of technical partners. We have always used Venice desks but to have use of the PRO2C is incredible. All the bands loved it and it coped well with the heat and sand of Malawi – it is also a good size and weight when it comes to being air-freighted all the way from the UK. The high production standards set Lake of Stars apart from other events in the region, and having the world’s leading console manufacturer involved in the project is a massive boost for us and for Malawi’s music industry.”