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A broadcast first for Yamaha CL series in Spain

One of Spain’s most popular television programmes, El Hormiguero (The Anthill), uses two recently installed new Yamaha CL5 consoles in addition to the studio’s existing M7CL-48 desk.

Spain’s primetime chat show El Hormiguero (The Anthill) is the first to use Yamaha’s new CL series consoles in a broadcast installation. Two new CL5 consoles have been installed as part of a major refurbishment of the Madrid studios, owned by production company 7 y Acción. El Hormiguero is the company’s flagship production, attracting both nationally and internationally famous guests and broadcast on Antena 3 TV. Madrid-based AV company Videoreport led the refurbishment, designing and installing the new system, including a Dante audio network. The first phase of installation comprised two CL5 consoles, cascaded to provide a single control surface with 72 faders. Three Rio3224-D rackmount i/o units – two in the main studio and one in the control room – provide the system with 160 channels of simultaneous audio. Installation of a second phase of equipment is currently underway, which will see a Yamaha CL1 and another Rio3224-D installed. “The sound control design took into account many factors,” said Rafael Chorro (pictured), Videoreport’s chief technician on the project. “7 y Acción’s increasing technical requirements meant that we needed bigger control surfaces and a system that could easily accommodate both analogue and digital input/output channels. Since the new system was installed in August, El Hormiguero has proved that Yamaha CL series consoles can fulfill the most demanding broadcast applications. I believe the new consoles and Rio i/o units are giving the broadcast industry much to talk about.”