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5, 6, 7, 8…Vista 9!

New 'widescreen'-based TFT metering and a History mode are among the keynote features of the new Studer Vista 9, which is the latest addition to the successful Vista console series.

Studer has added to its Vista console series with the launch of the Vista 9, which is said to “take the operator experience to a higher level”. The new product supplements the Vistonics interface with innovative ‘widescreen’-based TFT metering, among other developments.

The new metering is designed to give precision feedback on signal status. The channel meters are able to show mono right through to 7.1 channel signals in the upper section of the screen, while the lower portion can show bus assignment or, for surround channels, an image of the surround composite, providing a clear and easily understandable display of the surround signal.

Alternatively, a History mode records events such as overloads in the audio path of each channel, and highlights them in red on the channel waveform. The operator can then review which channel had such an event, up to 30 seconds after the event has occurred. Furthermore, all stereo inputs and stereo masters have a correlation meter bar above the bargraph display.

The Control Bay meter section can be configured to show any choice of output busses and input channels and displays up to 40 meters at the time. Meanwhile, each touch-sensitive TFT screen shows 10 channel strips, with rotary encoders and switches mounted directly onto the screen.

Other features include the context-oriented FaderGlow, which provides the operator with an instant overview of the console status by illuminating each fader in one of eight freely-assignable colours. The desk also gives users freedom to place input, as well as master channels, anywhere across the surface.

Able to integrate with other Studer Vista and OnAir consoles and Routers via Studer RELINK network technology, as well as with third party party control systems, Vista 9 is available now.