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360 Systems Instant Replay2

Spot effect and music play-in systems

What is it?A self-contained production studio and spot player offering the immediacy of physical control buttons and intuitive operation for broadcast and other applications.
DetailsInstant Replay2 records digital audio directly to hard disk, provides full editing functions and then offers instant playback of audio cuts – in any order – from 50 ‘hot keys’. 1,000 audio cuts are available and if needed in a particular sequence, can be assembled into playlists and stored for future use. Up to 250 hours of 44.1kHz/16-bit recording time is available from the 3.5” internal hard disk (though higher-quality 24-bit 48kHz recording is also possible) and there are no restrictions on cut length – anything from short sound effects to full-length musical performances may be recorded.Instant Replay2 arranges audio in ten banks of 50 cuts each – so related sound effects or music cues can be stored together – and the built-in keyboard makes it easy to give each cut a name and ID number. Editing tools are provided to perform head/tail trims, fade-ins, fade-outs and gain changes, and it’s possible to extract sound effects from a bed or make loops of music and ambient effects. Instant Replay2 includes a 100Mb Ethernet port for transferring files to and from a PC, so that further WAV file editing can be carried out or entire audio libraries can be backed up and stored.The large illuminated buttons are said to offer easy, hands-on operation and the 2-line 20-character display shows sound file names, ID numbers and length. Analogue I/O is available via balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors while AES/EBU digital signals are handled through XLR-3 connectors and AES3-1D data via RCA jacks.