White Mark uses new acoustic system for London studio

The ‘Fast Studio by White Mark’ construction method is said to allow producers, composers and studio owners to build high-performance facilities more quickly and less expensively.
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The ‘Fast Studio by White Mark’ construction method is said to allow producers, composers and studio owners to build high-performance facilities more quickly and less expensively.

The technique enabled the installation of a new mastering facility at Extreme Music in London to be completed in a mere seven days.

Fast Studio employs individually-specified acoustic modules that assembled off-site. They are said to be ideal for rooms with free-standing monitors in which there is no need for full isolation.

Extreme Music – the production music arm of Sony ATV – was indeed using free-standing monitors and was keen to get the job done quickly in order to minimise downtime. The music library already had an existing mastering facility at its premises in Golden Square, but needed to upgrade its layout and acoustics.

White Mark managing director David Bell explained: “In the case of Extreme Music we used six panels, which were installed by our builders Oakwood. We also created a new section of flooring that is rigidly fixed to the concrete structure beneath and packed all remaining voids with mineral wool to control unwanted resonances. The work was completed very quickly and has made an enormous difference to the acoustics of the room, giving it performance characteristics that are comparable to the best monitoring environments anywhere in the world.”

All of Extreme Music’s mastering is handled in-house, said Nick Cooke, who joined Extreme Music a year ago from De Wolfe Music. “White Mark has achieved remarkable results with our studio,” he said. “The new system has made a huge difference to the acoustics of the room – to the extent that even our non-technical staff comment on how much smoother everything sounds. I’m also thrilled with the new layout, which has made it a much nicer place in which to spend time.”

White Mark’s Fast Studio system has already been used for a number of other projects, including an advertising agency in Mexico City, a production studio for BBC producer Peregrine Andrews, and Giles Martin’s new room at Abbey Road. The next scheduled installation will be in Suffolk, UK, where White Mark is in the process of building a new private mixing facility for MPG Award-winning producer/engineer Cenzo Townshend.

“We introduced this system to meet market demand for high quality studios that are acoustically accurate but are quick to install and which preserve more of the character of the original building than a conventional studio,” said Bell. “We have recognised that not everyone has the time or the requirement to invest in high levels of isolation, but everyone still wants a room that sounds good and delivers the acoustic performance they would expect from a room bearing the White Mark name.”




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