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Void install completes the circuit at Budapest’s Tesla

The 700-capacity nightclub features the first ever install of a white Nexus system

A Void Acoustics sound system is the centrepiece of Budapest’s newest nightclub, the 700-capacity Tesla, which opened on the site of a former electrical transformer in December.

The system, which incorporates the first ever installation of white Nexus speakers, was designed and installed by Void’s Hungarian distributor, Erlatech Stage. Erlatech sound and lighting engineer Atilla Tompó explains: “The owners, Neon Group Ltd, wanted a loudspeaker system with a prominent design [that would] make the club really individual […] and be able to easily handle anything from live bands to electronic music. They chose Void above all other possible brands – and because of this, and the club’s high reputation, Tesla is quite unique in Hungary.”

The Void installation is divided into three zones. Two white-finish Nexus 6 loudspeakers are flown and positioned to focus evenly on to the main floor space, with five Stasys 218s providing sub-bass support. Outside of the two vertical columns at right and left, Air Motions provide around 3dB lower sound level for the bar areas, while a total of ten wall mounted Venu 10 passive two-way loudspeakers and a pair of Stasys 218 subs cover the remaining delayed peripheral areas. The DJ monitor system is catered for in the form of two Airten V2s and two Venu 115 subs.

Eva Arato Borsine and Gergö Borsi of acoustic consultant Arato Akusztikai designed the the acoustics for Tesla at an early stage in its construction. “Because we were allowed to design and ultimately influence the acoustics of the room from the beginning, as well as specify the loudspeakers, this made for an easy project for us with no particular challenges,” continues Tompó. “The cooperation with the technical crew at Tesla was fantastic, and so we completed the install on time and on budget.”

Since its opening weekend, has hosted performances from DJs including Clark, The/Das, Andrey Pushkarev and Roska.

Atilla Tompó concludes: “The owners are extremely satisfied with the sound quality in all areas. The SPL is high where it needs to be, which creates fantastic energy in the room with plenty of sub-bass frequencies.

“Void’s exclusive design, great sound, high quality and branding speaks for itself.”