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That’s entertainment: Chicago-style SI-Centrum Stuttgart commissions KV2 ESR215 theatre solution

Stage Entertainment’s Andreas Hammerich and Michel Weber commissioned an “impressive” all-KV2 system for Stuttgart’s SI-Centrum theatre

After being impressed by demos of KV2 Audio systems at Prolight + Sound in April, Andreas Hammerich and Michel Weber, theatrical sound coordinators for German production company Stage Entertainment, began discussions with award-winning sound designers Rick Clarke, John Shivers and David Patridge about the possibility of implementing KV2 sound reinforcement into its forthcoming shows.

An opportunity arose at the modern SI-Centrum Stuttgart, an 1800-plus-seat venue opposite the Apollo Theatre, which required sound design for a new production of the musical Chicago. The brief was to design a new sound system that could deliver clear and concise dialogue combined with dynamic orchestration.

“My focus was to achieve consistent and transparent coverage of the whole theatre so the sound appeared to becoming directly from the stage, not the PA,” explains Andy Austin-Brown, KV2 Audio’s technical projects director, who assisted in designing the system. “It needed especially to perform adequately with low-level signals, delivering them clearly to every seat in the house.”

Austin-Brown implemented KV2 Audio’s ESR215 full-range theatre solution, enhanced by ES2.6 subwoofers, EX12 centre and stage infills and multiple EX6 enclosures for stage monitoring and frontfills.

The full system comprised four ESR215s – each consisting of two front-loaded 15″ speakers with an 8″ midrange and 3” compression driver, driven by an ESR3000 amp incorporating all amplification, EQ and filtering – flown in an upper and lower pair left and right of the main auditorium; two double 15″ subwoofers (an EX2.5 Active and ES2.6 slave were flown centrally); four Active EX12s flown either side of the subs as downfills to cover the front-central rows; and five ESD6s used across the front of stage for frontfills, driven by an ESP2000.

“The results of our cooperation are impressive,” says Andreas Hammerich. “We received nothing but positive feedback from the official opening night, and I’d like to thank all concerned.”