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Tannoy and all that jazz

Veteran engineer Julian Zafra says VX 12HPs and Lab.gruppen IPD 1200s are “sounding great” in Barcelona’s Milano club.

The Tannoy VX 12HP is the new PA system of choice for the famous Milano jazz club in Barcelona.

Working alongside Spanish installation company Soinua, Julian Zafra, a freelance sound engineer who has worked with venues and festivals like Sónar, Intermusic and Sonimag, identified the VX 12HP – along with Lab.gruppen IPD 1200 power amplifiers – as the best solution for the medium-sized space.

“We had Tannoy DMT 15s in the studio when I was studying record engineering 16 years ago,” Zafra explains, “[and], after that, not many monitors have satisfied me as much as Tannoy[’s].

“We had a very short timescale to work to, as the owner wanted everything ready for a big jazz festival in the city. Thanks to the great service from Soinua, we managed to get everything installed and sounding great just in time. The combination of Tannoy speakers with Lab.gruppen power gave this project all the necessary sound control and accuracy without the need for any extra sound processors.”