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Symetrix is the solution for all-new Hafjell

Future expansion capability and Dante support were among the factors that influenced system designer Bjørn Fjeld for his upgrade of the famous ski slope

In 1994, the Hafjell ski resort, near Lillehammer, fell under the global media spotlight when Norway hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Two decades on and Hafjell is preparing to stage events as part of the 2016 Youth Olympic Games and, more imminently, the FIS Alpine Junior World Championships – a hectic programme that has understandably prompted a review of the national slalom slope’s technological capabilities.

Financed by the Norwegian government, the project leaders enlisted Drobak-based audio distributor and systems designer Norsk Lydteknikk to devise the revamped sound set-up. Company principal Bjørn Fjeld confirms that forthcoming sports events and the need to accommodate future expansion were at the top of the priority list as he set about designing the new system.

“The new equipment had to be of the best possible quality to deliver both speech and music, and capable of being adapted to future requirements,” says Fjeld. “In line with these expectations, the Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 DSP was selected because of its ‘studio sound quality’ and powerful support for Dante media networking.”

The Symetrix device takes its place amongst a notably high-end spec that also includes Community R.5-66 (pictured) and R2-474 loudspeakers (located in a total of six zones), Ecler DPA 2000 and DPA 1400 amplifiers and microphones from Clock Audio. Although Fjeld and his team undertook all design work and constructed the racks, the actual on-site installation was carried out by Lillehammer-based firm Østbye og Sletmoen.

Fjeld highlights the “robustness and easy-to-use nature” of the SymNet Radius 12×8 DSP, adding that the combination of Community loudspeakers and the Symetrix unit “also gives us the opportunity to utilise Community’s digital FIR filters (1024 taps) in the Radius’s speaker-management module to help deliver optimal performance of the whole system.” It should also be noted that deployment occupies significantly less rack-space than the previous system.

It’s an exciting time for Norsk Lydteknik, which added Symetrix to its burgeoning distribution portfolio a little under 12 months ago. “It’s early days, of course, but we are already seeing some great sales for the SymNet Radius line and the Jupiter app-based DSPs,” he reports. “We are looking forward to communicating the advantages of selecting Symetrix equipment to an even broader base of users in 2015.”