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A splendid install for K-array

Decima uses the Italian manufacturer’s speakers to overhaul Teatro Splendor.

K-array, in association with its Italian distributor, Exhibo, and theatre installation specialist Decima Italia, recently completed its three-year renovation of the Teatro Splendor theatre and cinema in Aosta, in the Italian Alps.

The new Teatro Splendor was inaugurated on 3 March and now, in addition to showing films and plays, also serves as a conference centre.

For the 500-seater main room, Exhibo’s Guido Diamant designed a system with two active K-array KH15 speakers per side, plus two KS4 subwoofers with active bipole for “more energy and fullness even in low frequencies”. K-array describes as “perfect for the scenario created by the Splendor”.

The 90-seat “third area” (the “second area” is a small rehearsal room) was equipped with a KR100 stereo system consisting of, for each side, one head for high and medium-high frequencies, and a KL12ma sub – a “portable, versatile [system] capable of adapting to the different possible uses of this small room”.

A mobile platform has also been installed in front of the third room’s fixed stage, which, for extra space, can be lowered to floor level, creating a space for an orchestra.

The inauguration was attended by several Italian celebrities, including singer-songwriter Francesco Renga, who complimented the theatre on its “excellent acoustics and facilities”.