Soulsound expanding to AV market

Alchemea’s Darryn de la Soul has resigned from her full-time post as head of live sound to furthter develop live sound engineer agency Soulsound, which she founded in 2011, and to branch out into the AV market.
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Alchemea’s Darryn de la Soul has resigned from her full-time post as head of live sound to focus her time and energy on Soulsound, an agency for live sound engineers she founded in 2011. “After four wonderful and fulfilling years developing and running the Live Sound Diploma for Alchemea, I feel that the foundations are well enough laid for the future of the course to be secure,” said de la Soul. “I am parting from Alchemea on excellent terms, and will still be looking to the college as one of my main sources of up-and-coming engineers.” In the past two years, the agency “has come along in leaps and bounds”, added de la Soul, who intends on further developing the brand, including branching out into the AV market. "Darryn's hard work and industry has been instrumental in the successful development and delivery of Alchemea's Live Sound Diploma," said Alchemea director Mike Sinnott. "The course has resulted in countless students having gone on to develop careers in the industry. Darryn's network of industry connections and applied ‘real-world’ knowledge has also helped the course and Alchemea win respect from within the live sound industry, which at the time was somewhat cynical about training and education programmes delivered by the FE and HE sectors."



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