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Sonic Rose brings spatial sound to Milan’s The Eyes of the Resistance

The exhibit, at the House of Memory, marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Italy from German occupation

Sonic Rose, a new “sound spatialisation operatic multimedia experience” by Paris art and design collective Danny Rose, made its debut in April as part of the The Eyes of the Resistance (Gli occhi della Resistenza) exhibition at the House of Memory in Milan.

The Eyes of The Resistance (pictured) marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Italy from German occupation, a day commemorated as Liberation Day (Festa della Liberazione) or the Anniversary of the Resistance (anniversario della Resistenza).

According to Danny Rose, Sonic Rose allows the audience, stage and actors to become “more deeply immersed in an affecting universe of sounds and images which completely transform the traditional stage space, using the latest video and projection technologies but preserving the richness and poetry of the narration”.

“Sonic Rose is […] will help to make all of our audiovisual shows and multimedia experiences even more immersive in future,” says The Eyes of The Resistance co-writer Sergio Carrubba. “At Danny Rose our long-term goal is to attain what we call ‘total immersion inmultimedia experience’ by applying our creativity and artistic vision to the design of our virtual tri-dimensional dynamic set design.

“This gives a unique rhythm to the narration through dynamic scenes, creating a continuous dialogue between the music, the action and images the audience is seeing on stage and the word.”

Watch Sonic Rose in action below: