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Sochi 2014 is fully Funktional

As Russia prepares for its first Winter Games, an impressive infrastructure is evolving and has led to the development of 11 new sports venues - two of which Funktion-One has specced from the ground up.

Things are certainly hotting up in what will undoubtedly be a teeth-chatteringly cold 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi. Everything kicks of on February 7, and for the following 16 days, 98 events over 15 winter sports will take place; both the Olympics and Winter Paralympics are being organised by the Sochi Organizing Committee (SOC). The city beat off competition from Salzburg, Austria, and Pyeongchang, South Korea back in 2007, during the 119th I.O.C. Session in Guatemala City; and this event will be the first Olympics Russia has held since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Funktion-One has made quite the impact on two of the major Sochi venues: the 12,000-capacity Bolshoy Ice Dome; and the 2km-long Bobsleigh Track, the latter of which is one of two multiple-venue sites that will be used during the games. Fourteen MST Horns have been deployed across the 2km downhill Bobsleigh site – in four separate positions. They are grouped in pairs or in fours, and combine individual attributes of 40 degrees horizontal and 20 degrees vertical dispersion to form horizontal coverage parameters of 80 or 160 degrees. The MSTs span a frequency range from 150Hz up to 18kHz.

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