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Renkus-Heinz installed in new LAX terminal

Los Angeles’ stunning new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX benefits from a Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steerable column array. Consulting firm VSA Associates says the system helps overcome some of the building's acoustical challenges.

A Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steerable column array was installed in Los Angeles’ stunning new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. With its towering walls and abundant reflective surfaces, designers Fentress Architects and HTNB Corporation knew early on that the new space would present some unique acoustical challenges. They turned to California-based VSA Associates, an acoustical consulting firm with more than 20 years’ experience and a client list that includes Hilton Hotels, Caltrans, and Arizona State University, who created a system based around Iconyx. As Michael Kalmanson, vice president at VSA Associates, explained, “the Iconyx systems allows us to direct sound exactly where we needed it to be, while avoiding difficult reflective surfaces or wasting energy outside of the listening areas.” The crown jewel of the new terminal is the 14,000sqm, $1.9b (€1.4b) Antonio R. Villaraigosa Pavilion, home to dining, shopping and relaxation services, along with an AV information hub. “At 80 feet high with tons of glass, the pavilion was one of the more challenging spaces,” said Kalmanson. “We opted for the Iconyx IC16 arrays there, and then dialed in the multiple steering lobes to target individual listening areas while ensuring that sound didn’t splash into the aisles or up onto the walls. “The ability to define multiple steering lobes from a single array is one of the most compelling aspects of the Iconyx system-especially for a job like this. You can literally steer a portion of the array down 30 degrees, the next part down 15 degrees, and the final portion straight out. It’s extremely sophisticated equipment that offers an amazing amount of control.”