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Prime Studios YouSpec’d by VDC

All the cabling and connectors for the studios' new control room C, which houses an EMI TG12345 MkIV console, were specified and ordered from VDC Trading using its new online YouSpec system.

Austria’s Prime Studios has added a third control room, C, and a fourth live area to house its latest addition; a classic EMI TG12345 MkIV console, built originally for Abbey Road Studios. All the cabling and connectors for the new installation is by Van Damme, specified and ordered from VDC Trading using its new online YouSpec system, now an integral part of the VDC website.

Studio C is acoustically separated from the main building and features a customised 5.1 surround reference sound system by Surrountec. The cabling included 24 pairs of 7m Blue EDAC90 cables male to male, 48 pairs of 1m Blue EDAC90 cables male to female and 40m of Blue series with various Neutrik connectors. The completed order was then sent to Prime Studios by international courier. Prime studios’ Gerhard Buchbauer commented: “The YouSpec online service from VDC is more than handy to easily choose the cable type needed. We have chosen the Blue Series for Control C. It is more than great to have the ability to choose pin wiring and to even completely customise the wiring for the cables online.” YouSpec is a relatively new and unique application on the VDC site, allowing web visitors to design, specify, price-up and order completely bespoke cable solutions, from simple audio leads to complex stage-box to tails and multi-core loom configurations. The YouSpec functionality is also designed to support mobile working via tablet computers. Niall Holden, VDC’s CEO said “Using YouSpec, our customers can specify the Van Damme cable, the colour, the exact length, the connectors, the boots, the labeling and so on required and VDC will manufacture their design and ship it directly to them.”

“As we have already seen, this is especially invaluable to clients who are overseas and in different time zones.”