Yamaha audio system ‘flies’ in Prague art gallery’s airship space

Further rooms at DOX Prague are also being refitted with new AV systems
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A Yamaha audio system is providing audio in a permanent airship art space in Prague's DOX Centre of Contemporary Art.

The 42m long, 120-capacity steel and wood airship 'Gulliver' is a permanent space for lectures, exhibitions, screening and other cultural events.

Specified and installed by Martin Vondrášek of the Prague-based AVT Group, the audio system comprises four Yamaha VXS5W speakers arrayed along each side of the ‘body’, powered by an XMV8140 multi-channel amplifier, with signal distribution and processing by an Yamaha MTX5-D matrix processor.

Audio inputs come from wireless microphones, a laser projector and a waterproof connection panel for extra AV equipment.

Further rooms at DOX Prague are currently being refitted with new AV systems, including Yamaha matrix processors, mixing consoles and i/o units - ensuring that the visitor experience never goes down like a lead balloon.