Poland's Capitol Theatre stages a comeback with Yamaha

A multi-million zloti rebuild and restoration of the Capitol Theatre in the Polish city of Wroclaw saw the venue reopen in September with Dante networking and a comprehensive audio system by Yamaha.
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The Capitol Theatre in the Polish city of Wroclaw has reopened after a multi-million zloti restoration, which includes an extensive Yahama audio system. The venue now features main and secondary auditoriums, four rehearsal rooms and a recording studio all connected by a Dante audio network. Installed by electroacoustic specialists M.Ostrowski, the main auditorium features two Yamaha CL3 digital consoles at FOH, a CL5 at the monitor position and six R-series i/o units. The secondary auditorium features a Yamaha M7CL-48 digital console fitted with MY16-AUD Dante interface card and two further R-series i/o units. The rehearsal rooms are each equipped with an LS9-16 digital console, fitted with an MY16-AUD, and one R-series i/o unit, while the recording studio has a DM2000 digital console, six MY16-AUD sand a computer running Steinberg Nuendo 6 software. “The theatre started using Yamaha equipment when the 02R console was introduced and subsequently used DM2000s,” said Pawel Zachanowicz, application engineer for Yamaha Music Europe. “The technical staff know Yamaha equipment very well and they trust its stability and reliability. In 14 years’ use they have never had a single problem with it.” Dante networking flexibility allows any of the spaces to be linked; the studio can record performances from any stage or rehearsal room, performances can be monitored from any of the rehearsal rooms and so on. “The technical staff have the reassurance that the system will work reliably at all times, but they have also the new experience of Dante networking making complex setups very straightforward,” added Zachanowicz. “In delivering such a flexible and high quality audio installation, we are reflecting exactly what has happened with the building itself.” www.yamahaproaudio.com



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WORLD: The 'webinars' aim to assist those working with Dante-MY16-AUD card-equipped Yamaha digital mixing solutions, reports David Davies. Geared towards the requirements of end-users, audio consultants, rental houses and installation companies, the two sessions will each commence with an overview of the Dante networking solution.