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Pink Cadillac revved up with d&b audiotechnik

A new fifties-themed restaurant in Moscow has been upgraded with a d&b system by reinforcement specialist Aris.

The aptly named Pink Cadillac, fifties-themed restaurant and bar in Moscow, featuring an actual Cadillac in the centre of the venue, has been upgraded with a d&b audiotechnik sound system by installation specialist Aris. AE Consulting was responsible for establishing the acoustical requirements of the room, which was not an easy feat due to the property being a garage before the redesign.

“We faced a real challenge,” says Alexander Evstratov, AE consulting director general. “In our line of work we focus on quality rather than quantity, so to neutralise the reverberation of the room and other unwanted acoustic artifacts, required the lightest of touches architecturally speaking.

“To complete the fifties ambience, the owners wanted music at authentic sound levels. The need for clear sound was paramount.” The reverberations we solved with the interior designers, selecting specific materials for the décor and adding epoxy foam behind the most troublesome areas,” continues Evstratov.

The acoustic model was calculated with the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software and the final design featured d&b T10 loudspeakers with T-SUBs flown in array. Evstratov explains that sound reinforcement specialists of choice, Aris, recommended the d&b system for the venue. “We have worked with Aris on many projects, they repeatedly recommend d&b audiotechnik sound systems and we know they love this brand. They have made us love this brand as well.”

Aris project manager Denis Kolomiets, concludes: “It simply would not do to ignore the low end when trying to evoke that fifties musical experience, so subs were essential. Fortunately, Alexander and his team did such a good job on the acoustics that when the system was tuned to the room it really let the T-SUBs breathe. The positioning of the performance stage made it possible to put every seat in the room within the direct field of T10s, further enhancing the listening experience.