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“DJs, music and atmosphere” delivered to the Ghelamco by Bose

The Ghelamco Arena is Belgium’s newest football stadium. AV integrator Play was assigned to install a massive Bose speaker inventory

The construction for the new home for KAA Gent started in 2011, and, at press time, the building is close to completion, becoming a multiplex site: around the green football rectangle, the arena includes sports facilities, a spa, restaurants, VIP skyboxes and more.

In total, AV specialist Play installed 32 LT 9702 WR top speakers and 32 MB24 WR sub speakers in the stadium arena, offering a total output power of 64kW. “But it’s more than a public address system,” comments Verhellen. “This is all about living the football perception, with a DJ, music and atmosphere… An extra feature is that we have Sennheiser MKH 416 series shotgun microphones in the ceiling capturing the audience and stadium sound, which is then routed to the various locations inside the building.” (Play discussed the roots of its partnership with the Ghalemco and using Bose Modeler to map out the speaker configuration in part one.)

The remainder of the building is equipped with 64 Bose 802 cabinet speakers in the corridors and public entrance halls, and 308 Bose FreeSpace Plus ceiling speakers in the skyboxes, restaurants, bars and toilets.

“The whole sound system is powered by four racks in each corner of the building,” continues Verzele (pictured right at the Ghelamco). “The racks are interconnected via an intelligent fibre-optic ring network throughout the stadium allowing full access to each individual rack. Each amprack contains six Bose PM8500 eight-channel amplifiers, serving both the football arena and the peripheral areas. The eight channels steer a variety of speaker combinations – the building is divided into 18 areas, individually controllable by a central PC. A Bose ControlSpace ESP PC monitors the condition of the speakers, temperature and output levels.” A Cloud console and Sennheiser 3000 series microphone complete the configuration.

With the construction of the Ghelamco Arena entering its final stage, Play looks forward to its first season of football – in addition to sporting events, the company, as a partner of AA Gent, has also been named official supplier of additional audio and video equipment for all events in the stadium. “The Ghelamco Arena is new and hip – every company wants to be here, and the wide range of events make a nice shop window for what we do at Play.”