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Moscow’s Gogol Theatre reopens as Gogol Center

The Gogol Center has had an APG Uniline modular line array system and over 30 multipurpose DX15 monitor speakers installed.

The famous Gogol Theatre in Moscow has been transformed into a multi-use complex called the Gogol Center. Russian company, Doka Center opted for an APG Uniline modular line array system and over 30 multipurpose DX15 monitor speakers were also installed in the venue.

Evgeny Kuvarzin, project manager at Doka Center, explains that the sound system was chosen based on the multiple purpose nature of the structure. “While theatre remains an important part of the Gogol Center’s repertory, the venue will also be hosting musical programs, concerts, cinema and many other things,” says Evgeny.

He adds: “We therefore needed a system that is capable of handling all of these types of applications. APG’s Uniline system in combination with DX15 was an ideal choice for several reasons; firstly, thanks to its modular design, it can be configured any way you like to handle show of any size. Secondly, the price/quality ratio is exceptional.

We have worked with many different line array systems from most of the top manufacturers, but in our opinion, none offers the quality and value for money of APG. Finally, the pure performance of the APG systems is truly remarkable.”

Describing the choice of monitor speakers, Kuvarzin explains: “The DX15s are a really useful complement to the Uniline system. The customer uses them as stage monitors, as a surround sound system for cinema and even as a main stand-alone system for smaller events. They can now confidently handle any size and type of event and know that the sound will be great whatever happens.”

APG’s VP global sales Bruno Garros, says: “Evgeny and his team from Doka Center have done a wonderful job with this project in the centre of Moscow, and thanks to their excellent work with APG, this is just the first of many prestigious installations in Russia that we will be announcing during 2014.”