Midas system for Indonesian performance space

"The EQ and dynamics are similar to those on the Midas Heritage console, and the EQ does exactly what I expect; the first time this happened with a digital console," said key project participant Chossy Pratama.
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A Midas PRO6 has been specified for the new performance space at the University of Bunda Mulia in North Jakarta. The major new developed was overseen by acclaimed musician and recording engineer Chossy Pratama, while the console was provided by local Midas distributor PT Gracia Auvindo.

"I wanted the best, so it had to be a Midas," said Pratama. "Their analogue consoles are renowned for providing lots of gain and headroom but here, for a 21st century facility with some space constraints, I opted for a digital board.

"The EQ and dynamics are similar to those on the Midas Heritage console, and the EQ does exactly what I expect; the first time this has happened with a digital console. The desk's reverb and delays sound natural, while the reverb on vocal performances are very warm. I can combine this with some delay effects when needed."

Pratama also praised the user-friendly design of the PRO6 and the system's suppliers: "Both the manufacturer in the UK and the local distributor here in Jakarta have been very supportive."

The PRO6-equipped facility will cater to a diverse range of activities, including graduation ceremonies, seminars, lectures, concerts and corporate events.



Parisian project for Midas PRO3

A Midas PRO3 live audio system has been installed in the Gustave Eiffel room, located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Supplied by EVI Audio, the system will be used for events including seminars and conferences.

Midas-fest at T in the Park

UK: EFX Audio deployed four Midas consoles at the Scottish festival's Radio 1/NME stage, reports PSN-e. Two XL8 Live Performance Systems were used at FOH, while a pair of Heritage 3000s were situated in the monitor position. In addition, main stage headliner REM also brought in a pair of XL8s, supplied by Rat Sound, along with a Klark Teknik DN9696 hard disc recorder. Britannia Row provided the main stage with two H3000s for FOH, while Kings of Leon brought in its own XL4.

Alt-rockers choose Midas for 48hr gig-fest

UK/IRELAND: Snow Patrol utilised a plethora of Midas consoles when it played four gigs in 48 hours, writes David Davies. A Midas PRO6 Live Audio System was deployed at monitors for the first three shows, while an XL8 was specified for the final gig. Both systems were provided by Britannia Row, with Heritage 3000s sourced locally for FOH.