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Meyer Sound reels in audio at The Blue Planet

Europe’s second largest aquarium features more than 400 tracks of audio distributed to 57 self-powered Meyer Sound loudspeakers installed throughout the exhibit areas, processed by the company’s D-Mitri digital audio platform.

The Blue Planet (Den Blå Planet) in Kastrup, Denmark, is Europe’s second largest aquarium housing 53 aquarium tanks that contain more than 20,000 fish and other aquatic life. To support an immersive undersea experience, more than 400 tracks of custom-recorded audio are mixed, timed, and processed through a Meyer Sound D-Mitri digital audio platform. The audio is then distributed to 57 self-powered Meyer Sound loudspeakers installed throughout the exhibit areas. “In most aquariums the underwater experience remains apart and behind glass,” said Arne Kvorning of exhibit designers Kvorning Design and Kommunikation. “At The Blue Planet, the underwater experience comes out and surrounds the audience, due in large part to the sound and lighting design.” Anders Jørgensenof Kastrup-based AV consulting and integration firm Stouenborg served as both sound designer and project manager for the installation, integrating a variety of unique soundscapes with corresponding lighting and visual effects in each exhibit area. The D-Mitri system managed all audio functions: “With D-Mitri, I could work with an almost unlimited number of audio tracks, instead of being confined to stereo or 5.1 surround,” said Jørgensen. “I could load all of the tracks I created in the studio into D-Mitri and do the final mix in the aquarium, fine-tuning the intricate mixes in the rooms where they would be heard. This capability, when combined with Meyer Sound’s SpaceMap multichannel panning software, gave me the perfect tool.” The audio system includes UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers and USW-1P subwoofers, along with low-voltage MM-4XP and UP-4XP 48 V loudspeakers and MM-10 subwoofers. “The sound design in the exhibit areas works in harmony with the subdued lighting inside the tank, and in the cathedral-like space in front of the window,” said Jesper Horsted, COO of The Blue Planet. “Stouenborg has created an intimate underwater experience – this in spite of a large room often filled with visitors.”