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Meyer Sound MINA installed in The Concertgebouw

The world-famous concert hall in Amsterdam had a Meyer Sound MINA line array system installed.

The world-famous 1,974-seat concert hall in Amsterdam, The Concertgebouw, has had a Meyer Sound MINA line array system installed. The self-powered system is designed to be flown and ready within an hour, and removed for unamplified symphonic concerts.

Principal system designer Jan Panis, says: “Our goal was to give The Concertgebouw a system that was consistently better than what was available from outside rental companies. It was a challenge, because the same acoustics that make The Concertgebouw splendid for unamplified music are problematic for amplified concerts. MINA’s clarity, purity, and lack of colouration are qualities exceptionally well-suited to this application.”

Alfons Hutschemaekers, theatre technology coordinator for The Concertgebou, explains: “With this system I don’t hear the speakers, I simply hear an open and spatial sound. I particularly like how it reproduces vocals and the brass in big bands.”

The system includes an Allen & Heath iLive FOH console and Hutschemaekers states that the new system is a lot more efficient. “Saving time is a critical issue, since we have so many programmes with very short periods in between,” he says. “The system has been a tremendous time saver.”

“We have main arrays, side fills, and rear fills all in one array, with no amplifiers in the attic, which is a difficult place to reach. One technician can put the system up in an hour, where it can take a full crew four or five hours with other externally-powered systems,” concludes Panis.