Kensington Close Hotel upgrades with Harman

JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and AKG microphones form part of the new sound system recently installed at London’s Kensington Close Hotel.
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As part of a recent £40 million (€49 million) renovation, London’s Kensington Close Hotel and Spa has upgraded its sound system in the flagship 230-seat Balmoral event room using JBL PRX 400 series loudspeakers. “The PRX 400 series is not bulky but has a high level output — and along with the sub provides total versatility, whether the hotel is hosting a disco or a conference,” said CP Sound’s Colin Pattenden, who specified the new equipment. The installed JBL system comprises 10 PRX412M tops, and five PRX418S single 18 inch subs powered by a combination of five Crown XLS 1500 (in bridge mode, driving the subwoofers), a Crown XLS 2000 (in stereo mode, driving six tops), a Crown XLS 1000 (driving JBL Control 28 DJ monitors) and a Crown XLS 2500 (in stereo mode driving six further top boxes). Because the Balmoral room can be split into two, four of the PRX412M’s are back facing. “If there’s a wedding at one end and a dance at the other the volume levels can be adjusted accordingly,” said Pattenden. A pair of dbx DriveRack PA+ processors provide the necessary DSP to modify gain structures coming from the speakers in order to achieve the effect. These were configured as 2-in and 4-out, run in 2-way stereo mode. Additionally, a pair of AKG WMS45 Perception wireless handheld mics was also specified. “These are simple plug-and-play mics, perfect for the task, and the DriveRack’s anti-feedback filters ensure the sound remains crystal clear with very good feedback rejection, “ added Pattenden.



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