ISE 2015: Community launches new I Series

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Community Professional launched its I Series of high-power, high-output loudspeakers at a special event at the People's Place club during the ISE 2015 event.

The I Series includes point-source, high-directivity, compact and floor-monitor models in multiple performance levels, providing modular scalability for any application requirement. It’s available at two price points: the Point Source 800 range, featuring neodymium drivers, and the more competitivelty priced Point Source 600 range, feauring ceramic drivers. The 600 range will be a direct replacement for Community’s current iBOX range, new CEO Steve Johnson confirmed in Amsterdam: 600s are smaller, lighter and have a deeper bass characteristic than iBOX, for a lower price.

“What stands out [about I Series] is the bracket system,” Johnson told PSNEurope. “It is designed to make arrays of the I Series boxes in neat clusters…

“Our system designer said, can we do something to allow us to point all these speakers in different directions, but have it rigged with it one uniform lifting and bracket device – so you can point them where it’s acoustically useful, not just where its convenient to make a flat piece of metal. So now you can lift the whole thing, with subwoofers flown with the array, all through one point called the ‘balance point fly rail’.

“We wanted to drive the aesthetic home here,” continued Johnson, “We want the boxes to be so beautiful you don’t even notice them. No logos on the front, just on the side. A distinctive clean look.”

Johnson is seen here at the People’s Place launch with the IP8 1153 high-power 15” three-way box.


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