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IOSONO completes two 3D sound installations in Germany

A 3D sound system was used for the premier of opera Das Narrenschiff and the German Computer Games Awards.

IOSONO sound systems was used for two events in Germany in May.

A 3D sound system was used on 28 May for the premier of opera Das Narrenschiff at Hochschule für Musik Detmold.

Heinrich Unterhofer, composer and stage director of Das Narrenschiff, comments: “When I first got in touch with IOSONO some years ago, I immediately saw the technology’s great potential and so 3D sound was part of the production concept from the start.”

“I wanted to transform the concert hall into a ship and let the room become an emotional sound installation. This worked great and I’d love to use IOSONO again for future projects.”

With 380 channels, the installation at Detmold concert hall is the largest IOSONO installation in Europe.

On 15 May, IOSONO provided a temporary 3D sound installation for the German Computer Games Award ceremony in Munich’s Postpalast.

The German Computer Games Awards honours national and international video game productions.

The ceremony saw US game designer Todd Howard presented with the LARA of Honour award.

CEO of IOSONO Olaf Stepputat, says: “We received great feedback from the audience and organisers alike and Mr. Howard told me how impressed he was with the cinematic sound experience.”

In other IOSONO news, the company announced the new game sound technology called Proximity in August 2013. The company states: “Proximity is breaking the limitations of conventional stereo and surround sound systems by letting audio events appear right next to the player’s ear with unparalleled precision.”