Hertfordshire school graced with KV2

Mount Grace School, the largest school in Hertfordshire, UK, has recently had a KV2 Audio ES system installed.
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Mount Grace School, the largest school in Hertfordshire, UK, has recently had a KV2 ES system installed.

Paul Pytches from Mount Grace School comments: “The ES System has surpassed our expectations, the quality of the system is amazing. All who have heard it have been very impressed.”

Philip Stannard Associates supplied the system and oversaw its installation, which involved flying the complete system stage left and right.

The system was installed following a demonstration of one ES 1.0 3-way mid/hi and one ES 2.5 2x15” subwoofer per side with associated EPAK 2500R amplifier and control units.

“The system will be used daily for a wide variety of events ranging from assemblies to performance and will add to our extensive technical facilities allowing students to put on even better shows and further develop their skills,” adds Pytches.

Phil Stannard adds: “We were pleased to be working with KV2 who offered full support throughout the project.”

KV2 Audio’s ES System has been installed in venues ranging in application from night clubs, theatres, churches and school hall whilst also being an incredibly versatile hire option due to its impressive size to output ratio.



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