First sales of Eclipse and new UK distributor for Innovason

FRANCE/UK: Innovason has appointed Red Square Audio as its distribution channel in the UK, writes Dave Robinson. The arrangement was announced shortly after Innovason reported an "extremely encouraging start" for its new compact-footprint console, the Eclipse.
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FRANCE/UK: Innovason has appointed Red Square Audio as its distribution channel in the UK, writes Dave Robinson. The arrangement was announced shortly after Innovason reported an "extremely encouraging start" for its new compact-footprint console, the Eclipse.

Red Square is a new operation recently set up by former L-Acoustics sales manager Paul Nicholson. "It was apparent for some time that Innovason required a proactive partner in the UK & Republic of Ireland to manage sales and technical support," Nicholson tells PSN-e.

Since leaving L-Acoustics UK in the summer, Nicholson says he has been looking for further opportunities to continue working in the pro-audio sector but with a distribution agenda. "The timing was exquisite as Innovason was launching the Eclipse the console and I was looking to handle something other than a line array!

"Having met with sales and marketing director Xavier Pion several times [previously], it was clear from the very start that there was an immediate synergy of shared ideas and goals, so it was a very fluent and logical process to arrive at an agreement."

"We had been looking for a distribution solution in the UK for some time," reiterates Pion, pictured here (left) with Nicholson (right). Innovason set up an operational HQ in the UK within the offices of Stirling Audio two summers ago, but with limited results. "Paul Nicholson has all the ingredients: he is a sound engineer himself, and he know everyone in the industry. Innovason is on the high end segment of this market and that means that we take very good care of our customers and Paul and his team have the ability and the good will to do that. Customer support is not just a word for us, it is really part of our strategy."

Red Square Audio will bring Innovason back into the UK with its strongest proposition in some time: the Eclipse digital live desk. "There has never been so much power in such a small footprint and it is modular, extendable and fully configurable so it adapts to any situation: FOH, monitors, recording, you name it." Built-in MARS technology (Multi-track Audio Recording System) facilitates this recording aspect, as Pion explains: "_a 64-track on-board system takes the sound from the preamps and converters. Just a click on the touch-screen and you are recording the tracks you decide, when you decide. You can play back the tracks the next day for a virtual soundcheck and all this without any external rack whatsoever."

The debut of the desk has been very positive, he continues. The SIEL show, held recently in Paris, was a "huge success" for the company, seeing a constant flow of visitors to the Innovason booth. "We will be in full production in February but so far we have had a lot of orders, both from our distributors and also from our domestic market. Already the console has been specified on major 2009 tours in France.

"We have a lot of contacts with French fixed installations who are now specifying Eclipse for their 2009 investment."

The overseas uptake is promising too: Innovason's Czech distributor Music Data took two orders at the recent Muzika Expo in Prague. "We have notched up sales in China, and we have orders pending throughout Europe, as well as the French ones," enthuses Pion. "It's an extremely encouraging start."



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