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Dynamic K-array boost for ceramic gallery

Renowned producer of ceramics has chosen the K-array speakers for an installation at the Florim Gallery

Italian audio and communications specialist Exhibo has recently completed the design and installation of a series of sound reinforcement systems at the Florim Gallery in Fiorano Modenese, not far from Bologna. The gallery is a 9,000sqm space, created for a variety of functions such as presentations and events, and designed with eco-friendly, cost-effective, energy-efficient thinking.

K-array loudspeakers were deemed the ideal complement for the gallery.

Florim Ceramiche SpA is an Italian company that for over 50 years has been producing ceramic surfaces for various applications in the construction, interior design and architecture industries. To showcase its spirit of innovation and ambition, the company built the new Florim Gallery on the site of its original main office.

Architecturally, the Florim is a large box lined with insulated panels used to transform the building into a natural looking design fitting to the environment. Upstairs from the main entrance are located four exhibition areas while downstairs there are large areas designed to house and welcome visitors. The central area is dominated by a large screen, possibly the highest definition of its sort currently installed in Italy.

For the audio, K-array Kobra KK102 speakers and subwoofers KMT12 were chosen as a solution to the brief, as they are capable of blending into the sharp lines and structures of the build. With the custom white paint job, it is reported that they were near to “invisible”.

“The other reason these speakers were chosen was the excellent performance audio speakers Kobra can return in power and loyalty, especially from the point of view of controlled directivity which allows a very uniform sound area for the public, avoiding the reflections on the walls and crystal surfaces in the room,” says K-array’s Tom Riby.

K-array KK102s were installed in the conference room next door, completed with several KZ10s (Lyzard) in the frames of the lighting fixtures.

Lorenzo Siligardi of Lorri Mediaservice di Modena, representing the Gallery, told PSNEurope: “Minimalistic installations such as the Florim Gallery have been possible thanks to the slim, compact and quality of sound from K-array speakers. We always enjoy surprising our clients with how they look and especially, how they sound.”