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DPA strikes out into corporate world with 20-mic d:fine sale

London’s Blitz Communications has placed an initial order for 20 units of DPA’s d:fine headset microphones. In addition to live events, Blitz also provides services to the corporate conferencing market, which is primarily the sector for which Blitz acquired the d:fines.

London’s Blitz Communications has placed an initial order for 20 units of DPA’s d:fine headset microphones, purchased from the company’s UK distributor Sound Network. Blitz provides audio-visual equipment and services to the live event industry, and is involved in producing a roster of events in venues such as London’s ExCel where, as theatre production assistant Kelly Morris (pictured, right) explained, “a lapel mic doesn’t always pick up enough level from a presenter. A headset mic gives us that extra help.” Blitz has been a DPA customer for many years and had used a large number of DPA 4066 omni headset microphones over that time. However, the stock was in need of replacement. Initially, Blitz intended to replace the mics on a like for like basis, but changed its mind after demoing the newer d:fines. “Put simply, the d:fine headset microphones offer our clients a more comfortable solution than they have been used to,” said Morris. “The audio quality is also very good, which is important consideration because we need to ensure that conference speakers can be heard by everyone in the room.” Adam Pierce (pictured, left), UK sales and marketing manager at Sound Network, commented: “The corporate and conference sectors are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of delivering great audio, and this is translating into plenty of interest in high quality audio products like DPA microphones. The d:fine headset microphones are especially popular because they are so reliable and, thanks to their modular construction, very easy to maintain.”