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Dancefloor audio install double for Znojmo sports venues

Dancefloor, s.r.o. has recently completed the installation of the Community loudspeaker based audio systems in two venues in the town of Znojmo, situated in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.

The first venue completed by Dancefloor was the Winter Stadium. The stadium has a capacity of over 6,000 and is home to the Orli Znojmo hockey club and is also used to host a variety of different events such as hockey training camps, ice skating and international hockey matches. Unfortunately in the past, the venue had suffered due to poor sound levels and lacked the ability to produce an exciting atmosphere for the events attended by visitors. These sound problems are what led to the recent installation upgrade.

Libor Klemenc, Dancefloor’s managing director, explained the choice of loudspeakers: “For high intelligibility and overall sound quality we chose Community R.5 12-inch, two-way loudspeakers. Sixteen R.5s were required and we used a combination of 60 x 60 degree and 90 x 40 degree versions to give us perfect coverage. The R.5 is both compact and discreet. Engineered for all-weather applications, it is also ideal for the environmental conditions of an ice venue.”

Klemenc added: “With an MC2 Audio Ti1048 integrated audio management system providing delay and equalization, and the audio dynamics maintained by four MC2 Audio T1500 amplifiers, we achieved excellent speech intelligibility, which was a primary requirement of the venue.”

Dancefloor’s system design features pre-set modes that can be accessed via the menu on the processor, this means that the operator can simply choose from the pre-set modes according to suit the event. The system can additionally be controlled from two separate locations. Prime events and hockey games are operated from the main control booth using a Dateq Onyx mixer, whilst social events can be controlled from the rink side box using a Cortex MIX-R1U mixer. The system can be controlled from both locations simultaneously and the use of a Shure SLX24E/SM58-P handheld wireless system allows live commentary to be made from anywhere within stadium.

Following the installation at the Winter Stadium, the Znojmo authorities commissioned Dancefloor to provide another performance system for the town’s nearby Sports Hall. The Znojmo Sports Hall is used mainly for indoor sports such as basketball, floorball, futsal, handball and rhythmic gymnastics clubs.

Dancefloor installed a combination of Community R.5 and R.25 loudspeakers, both with 90 x 40 degree format. A Community dSPEC226 Networked Loudspeaker Processor provides delay and equalization and MC2 Audio T1500 and T1000 amplifiers are used to power the Community loudspeakers. As with the Winter Stadium, Dancefloor provided pre-sets on the dSPEC226 to enable the operator to simply select the mode required for the event. The Sports Hall audio system is also controlled via a Dateq Onyx mixer and uses a Shure SLX24E/SM58-P handheld wireless system to deliver live commentary.

Dancefloor employed acoustic CAD modelling for both venues to verify the designs before tender and both installations were completed using Klotz cables and Neutrik connectors.