d&b fits Frankfurt Opera House to a T

T-series loudspeakers chosen to squeeze behind stage panels at the Frankfurt Opera House, snugly installed with two centimetres to spare.
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Choosing a PA system to be installed at the Oper Frankfurt (Frankfurt Opera House) involved a great deal of time, care and painstaking accuracy, according to head of the live sound and CD production team Peter Tobiasch. A d&b system ended up fitting the tight area to a “T.”

“Two centimetres more of dimensions would have stopped the project, and this was the only mid-sized line array system with the required quality level which could fit at all,” he commented. “When we came to bring in a new d&b audiotechnik PA system behind the panels that flank the proscenium, the view from the audience had to remain totally unaltered. ”
The opera house’s new system - installed by Nies electronic GmbH - is comprised of d&b T10 loudspeakers behind the panels, with T-SUB and B4-SUB arrays below, and required modifications to the standard T-Series mounts to fit in the small space, as well as adhere to engineering regulations.
Despite the technical challenges, Tobiasch reported “no hearable interference and phasing, no frequency peaks and dips. It is for me the most important quality aspect that the d&b loudspeakers do not make ‘sound’ on their own; you just hear voices and instruments. That means music or speech and not ‘loudspeakers.’” www.dbaudio.comwww.oper-frankfurt.de


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