Customised LIVE2 system showcased in Belgium

A specially covered version of the Patrick Demoustier-designed LIVE2 three-way hi-fi loudspeaker system with DSP was developed for a Belgian trade fair.
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A special version of the Patrick Demoustier-designed LIVE2 three-way hi-fi loudspeaker system with DSP was developed for a Belgian trade fair.

Showcased at Interieur Design Kortrijk – a Belgian fair for interior and exterior design – the specially-customised product sported a skai leather ‘jacket’ designed by Steven Brouns.

Brouns commented:“I wanted to do something special for the launch of LIVE2 at [Interieur Design Kortrijk] and decided to cover the system with ostrich skai leather skin in white. You see, most hi-fi systems – even the high-end ones – are [mostly] constructed and finished with all sorts of forms of wood. I suggested we use skai leather covering and give LIVE2 not a techy look, nor make it a wooden sculpture.”

Explaining the technical background to the system, Demoustier remarked: “I implemented two dedicated Class D (B&O) amplifiers in the back of the cabinet. I use passive filter components in order to divide the mid from the high amp signal. All crossovers, filters, time alignment and protection functions are done in the digital domain. As a result, the speakers only get the purest power straight from the amplifiers. This is a typical view, based on my experience as live professional sound designer. That’s exactly where my special attention for voice comes from and thus my focus on a strong mid signal.”

LIVE2 – which is positioned in the market as an affordable high-end stereo system – is a joint venture between Demoustier and KROZ. “The special edition was all about creating a mix between pure quality sound and design looks,” said KROZ’s Kristien Van Segbroek. “[Steven Brouns] works for exclusive high-end clientele only and you would be amazed how many times he gets expensive speakers to coat with a leather jacket, chosen by ‘the woman in the house’. That’s how we got the idea: why not [offer] this quality system and allow [for] integration in the interior of an end-customer, and thus offer this as a service?”



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