Compact Alcons Pro Ribbon system for Stuttgart playhouse

Dutch boxes for famous German theatre
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Alcons @ Staatstheater Stuttgart

Stuttgart’s Schauspielhaus (playhouse) has re-opened after a major bout of renovation work, which has seen the audience capacity of the main room grow to 670 seats. An Alcons Audio PA system was installed as part of the upgrade.

Frank Bürger, head of AV for the venue, says: "From a natural, balanced sound for unobtrusive theatre reinforcement, to a powerful sound for modern productions and concerts, a versatile system was required. In comparison tests, the Alcons components excelled by far."

Carsten Land, project engineer for technical service provider Thomann Audio Professional, explains: "Compactness was clearly one of the main requirements ­– and the LR7 is one of the most compact line arrays on the market."

Bürger notes that the system integrates “excellently” into the spatial conditions of the Schauspielhaus. “The steeply rising auditorium is optimally covered by the Alcons line array, whereby the aural impression of the sound is homogeneous in almost every seat. The natural clarity and open, yet punchy sound offers a lot of pleasure in use."

The main system of the Schauspielhaus consists of left / right each eight LR7 micro line array and two LR7B micro line array bass. There are four LR7-120 in a centre cluster; As down fills two VR12 monitors as downfills and two BF362i (2x18") subwoofers for the LFE. The system is driven by ALC2 and ALC4 Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers.

The Schauspielhaus (rebuilt in the late 1950s after being destroyed in WWII) is part of the Stuttgart State Theatre, the largest “three-section” theatre in Europe.


Alcons launches 'ultra-compact Ribbon'

Following a preview at PL+S 2008, Alcons has begun shipping the LR14/90 line array, writes David Davies. A passive two-way ultra-compact line-array module suitable for use in vertical stacked or flown arrays, the LR14/90 offers a maximum SPL of 130dB+ per unit. The company has also announced the launch of a dedicated UK base, to be overseen by former EAW employee Stephen Badham.


Alcons system for Norwegian film hub

The Norsk Film Institute (NFI) in Oslo has installed the first of Alcons’s new Cinema Ribbon Monitor Systems (CRMS). High-quality A/V capabilities are essential for the NFI, which hosts more than 2,000 annual screenings.