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First AVnu-certified speaker is Meyer Sound CAL

"An important step to help customers create end-to-end AV networks that are easier to plan and less costly to install," says the company

Meyer Sound’s CAL column array speakers have become the first loudspeaker products to receive the AVnu certification by AVnu Alliance.

The AVnu Alliance is the industry consortium that certifies devices using the Audio Video Bridging (AVB) networking standard for interoperability. AVnu certification is given to devices that have implemented the IEEE AVB standards and passed AVnu Alliance’s testing for interoperability and compliance.

Heard in venues such as the California Memorial Stadium, the NFL Carolina Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium, Musikverein in Austria (Musikverein installs Meyer Sound system), the Konzerthaus Berlin and Bern town hall (Meyer Sound supplies audio for Swiss government building), CAL loudspeakers (CAL 32 pictured) are designed to “introduce high vocal clarity in even the most reverberant environments and provide exceptional headroom for music and speech reinforcement”. CAL is offered in three models, each with different power capabilities. Its vertical beam can be angled up or down in one-degree increments up to 30 degrees, and the CAL 64 and CAL 96 models also include beam-splitting capabilities.

In December, AVnu and XMOS announced the first AVB audio endpoint reference platform – an “affordable, scalable and production-ready solution that allows customers to quickly and easily build a wide range of AVB-enabled audio products, from single speakers and microphones to complex multichannel mixing desks and multi-port conferencing systems” – however, expansion of the portfolio of “AVB-enabled” and certified products progresses at little more than a snail’s pace. To date – as discussed in David Davies’ scrutiny of the state of AVB last year (see Where next for AVB and the AVnu Alliance?) – only two other product lines have received certification in the past 12 months: Extreme Networks’ Summit X440 Series switches and the Crown DCi Network Display series amplifiers.

Rick Kreifeldt, AVnu Alliance chairman, revealed in Davies’ report that devices from Audio Science and Harman were in the midst of certification, while new Pivitec CEO Tom Knesel said that the company planned “to submit its e64i/o MADI-to-AVB bridge for certification” before the year ended.

CAL can be heard live at the Meyer Sound stand at ISE in Amsterdam.