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Ashly and Community power Diggerland USA

The construction-themed theme park is the first of its kind outside the UK

An Ashly Audio ne24.24M modular Protea matrix processor, outfitted with 12 inputs and 12 outputs, is providing the equalisation, delay, ducking and routing for Diggerland USA, the country’s first construction-themed theme park, in West Berlin, New Jersey.

Seven Ashly KLR-3200 amplifiers power the park’s 70-plus Community loudspeakers an installation designed and installed in six months by Hammonton, New Jersey-based Spellcaster Productions, and an Ashly neWR-5 wall-mount user control and Ashly’s iPad app give management complete control of its audio from anywhere via Wi-Fi.

“While I was working on this project, our Ashly rep stopped by,” explains Mike Shafer, project manager at Spellcaster Productions. “I showed him what we were up to, and he suggested the ne24.24M processor and the KLR-3200 amplifier. I did my homework and realised that moving to Ashly would save the client some money and give us all the functionality and power we needed.

“We also designed and installed the sound system at [neighbouring water park] Sahara Sam’s Oasis, and the client wanted to be assured Ashly would meet the same standard. I assured him that Ashly has been making quality equipment for over 30 years and that they are well known for their reliability. Ashly’s five-year warranty and my positive experiences assured him.”

The sound system permits Diggerland USA to play background music and advertisements, either of which will duck for pages made from a Shure wireless microphone or from the park’s phone system. All input sources feed the Ashly ne24.24M processor, which in turn feeds a rack of seven Ashly KLR-3200 two-channel amplifiers. Community D4LP loudspeakers cover indoor areas with low ceiling height and DP8 pendant loudspeakers a food pavilion and arcade, while Community R.15 and R.35 loudspeakers throw from light poles to cover the vast outdoor spaces.

Diggerland USA, the first of its kind outside the UK, opened in June.