Alcons is top gun in theatre shootout

Following an extensive period of testing that involved six brands going head to head, the Nationaltheater in Mannheim has chosen an Alcons Audio sound reinforcement system.
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The new set-up replaces an existing in-house system that was felt to offer insufficient coverage on or below the balconies. The new system comprises 12 LR14 and six LR7 enclosures, with two BF302 double 15" subwoofers, plus two VR8 compact monitors. It's powered by four ALC2 and one ALC4 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

Used predominantly for orchestra and ballet performances in the 1,156-seat theatre, the Alcons system has also proved itself in musical and rock applications. Although the venue presents some challenges, acoustically, the system is "a pleasure to work with", according to the theatre's Tonmeister, Christian Stader, who also cites Alcons' customer support as a major factor in the choice of system. "The co-operation is very personal and based on trust. Carsten [Albrecht of Alcons Germany] is always available with advice. I've rarely experienced better support. One feels taken care of in the best way with Alcons."



Alcons system for Norwegian film hub

The Norsk Film Institute (NFI) in Oslo has installed the first of Alcons’s new Cinema Ribbon Monitor Systems (CRMS). High-quality A/V capabilities are essential for the NFI, which hosts more than 2,000 annual screenings.

Alcons launches 'ultra-compact Ribbon'

Following a preview at PL+S 2008, Alcons has begun shipping the LR14/90 line array, writes David Davies. A passive two-way ultra-compact line-array module suitable for use in vertical stacked or flown arrays, the LR14/90 offers a maximum SPL of 130dB+ per unit. The company has also announced the launch of a dedicated UK base, to be overseen by former EAW employee Stephen Badham.