Yamaha joins AVnu Alliance

The manufacturer has become the latest Promoter Member of the increasingly high profile organisation that aims to support and promote AVB networking standards.
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The manufacturer has become the latest Promoter Member of the increasingly high profile organisation that aims to support and promote AVB networking standards.

The decision means that companies in the wider Yamaha group – including NEXO S.A. and Steinberg Media Technologies – can also be involved in the Alliance.

Established in August 2009, the AVnu Alliance has expanded rapidly in line with the emergence of AVB (Audio/Video Bridging) as a leading topic of debate across the pro-audio world. From a line-up of founder members comprising Broadcom, Cisco Systems, Harman International , Intel Corp, Samsung Electronics and Xilinx, the Alliance has announced a slew of new Promoter Members, with the most recent additions including Analog Devices, Barco, Pelagicore, Shure and Biamp.

With the addition of Yamaha, the organisation now has a grand total of 19 Promoter Members in addition to its six founders.

Although it will be “maintaining support for existing open-format protocols”, Yamaha said that its decision to join the AVB-promoting AVnu Alliance reaffirmed its “dedication to providing users with the most up-to-date, flexible system solutions through products that will support AVB in addition to current network technologies.”

“Our customers require a common network platform from all manufacturers,” said Larry Italia, vice- president/general manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. “Yamaha products ‘speak any language’, and as a market leader in digital formats, we have much to contribute to these standards as we have with our other third party platforms.”

Lee Minich (pictured), AVnu Alliance marketing workgroup chairman and president of Lab X Technologies, tells PSN-e: “We are very pleased with Yamaha joining AVnu Alliance. Being a significant force in live and commercial installed audio applications, Yamaha’s joining AVnu Alliance reinforces the sentiment of the AV community that Audio Video Bridging enabled devices are the future of the industry. With their long history of connectivity in their products, Yamaha’s commitment to an AVnu compliant AVB future sends a clear message throughout the A/V community.”




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LOUD Technologies Inc is the latest addition to AVB networking standards-promoting group the AVnu Alliance. Bosch Communications Systems, Yamaha and Riedel are among the major players to have joined the group during the last six months alone.


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The announcement was made last week at the ISE 2011 trade show by AVnu Alliance marketing work group chairman Lee Minich (centre) with TC Group’s Anders Fauerskov (right) and Morten Lave.