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Editorial: Frankfurt for style and content

Frankfurt didn’t disappoint – it never does. We were spoiled for choice: the inventive three-way BroaMan transmissions between DiGiCo, Clear-Com and Optocore at the opening of the show; the appearance of new distributor United-B in the Atlantic Audio space (but, alas, without Anthony Taylor from Martin Audio); the ‘world’s biggest speaker’ on the Alex/A Audio booth (from the Ukraine, no less); and Celestion’s longest serving employee’s being honoured. Just a few of the highlights. There’ll be more on these stories in the next few days, and of course in the print and digital edition of PSNEurope in the next couple of weeks.

Following my editorial in last month’s magazine, Powersoft has already asked me if I think the X Series is a game-changer. Who can tell at this stage? But there’s no denying, it’s one sexy-looking piece of kit. Last time I saw a piece of outboard quite that stylish, I think it was the Dolby Lake Processor Speaker Controller. You know, the one with the four portals. It’s good to know that the Italians are bringing back performance with ergonomic panache.

Of course, we have to wait until AFTER Prolight + Sound until yet another big reveal from Yamaha: while the QL Series desks were impressive (and drew a huge crowd of anticipatory visitors to the booth), we only learned last night that yet another brand, Revolabs, has been added to the portfolio. Yamaha takes a stake in the teleconferencing market. With Line 6, that’s two companies gobbled up in three months. Another makes the hat-trick. Just sayin’.

Dave Robinson, editor, PSNEurope