Tech Music School: 30 years and three new degrees

West London’s Tech Music School is celebrating thirty years of music education with the launch of three new BA (Hons) Degrees: Music Business, Music Production and Songwriting, starting October 2012.
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Starting October 2012, west London’s Tech Music School will offer three new BA (Hons) Degrees in Music Business, Music Production, and Songwriting. Each three-year degree will offer students an opportunity to learn from a team of professionals, all of whom work in the industry across a range of disciplines, in a learning environment that mixes academic study with practical, real world application and collaboration: BA (Hons) Music Business will combine a study of the traditional foundations of business alongside the changes in new technology that are reshaping the music industry. Students of the BA (Hons) Music Production will study technical production alongside musicianship (theory, song and production analysis, and song writing) while the BA (Hons) Songwriting degree is to include modules in composition, arranging, recording skills, music production, composing music for the moving image and more. Tech Music School principal, Andrew Bates commented: “Today’s music industry is vastly different place from the pre-Internet landscape and yet the core values of quality songwriting, production skills and sound business acumen remain as intrinsic and valuable as ever. I’m very excited about these new degrees, which I believe reflect our continued determination and commitment to remain at the forefront of music education in the UK.”


Prog-rock patron for Tech Music Schools

UK: Former Yes keyboard wiz Rick Wakeman has become a patron of the organisation's keyboard department, writes David Davies. The solo artist, author and raconteur is the newly-appointed patron of Keyboardtech at Tech Music Schools (TMS), which has been training musicians for life and work in the music industry for 26 years.


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