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Stocking filler: Neve 1073LB mic preamp

The 1073LB is an updated version of the classic Neve 1073

Joining the GPO Jam and G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile in the hallowed ranks of PSNEurope‘s 2014 Christmas gift guide is the AMS Neve 1073LB mic preamp, an updated version of the classic Neve 1073.

The original 1073 launched in 1970 and quickly became the mic pre of choice for a number of leading producers and artists, appearing on some of the most famous recordings of the past 40 years. Original units (stripped out of old consoles) now change hands for thousands of pounds.

Designed to slot into the 500-series rack, the 1073LB – which retails for £695 – is the least expensive Neve 1073 product. “It’s the entry level to Neve, but is in fact a premium model with the same sound as all the other 1073 variants,” says the company.

“The sound is warm but still very clear, producing an analogue hue which enhances the sound without getting in its way,” explains Robin Porter, chief designer at AMS Neve, who has worked with the 1073 for over 40 years. “It’s simple, straightforward and very easy to use; it’s very hard to go wrong with it.

“It just looks right – the cherry-red knobs which give it soul and make it so different to much of the grey stuff made today – [and] the weight of it; it feels like it’s worth the money. And it puts a smile on people’s faces.”