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Stagetec presents Polaris at PL+S

Stagetec unveiled its scalable and upgradable Polaris mixing console in Frankfurt last week.

Stagetec unveiled its scalable and upgradable Polaris mixing console in Frankfurt last week. The company says it is “raising the bar in the digital mixing console market,” with the launch of the new desk.

Polaris evolution consists of three main parts: access, scala and view. The primary control surface is called Polaris access, which features 16 faders, 16 dual rotary encoders, 48 buttons and a display screen across the width of the console.

The audio processor is called Polaris scala, a 19″ unit carrying 256 audio inputs and 256 buses, controlled by the Polaris access. The touch-screen upgrade is called Polaris view, which is docked onto the Polaris evolution.

According to the company, virtually any number of these desks can be joined within an IP network, which enables users to select the appropriate audio processing power and correct number of fader strips and controls for each specific application.

At the Frankfurt launch event, Stagetec assistant director Sam De Pauw described the Polaris as the “third generation of mixing consoles,” the first generation being analogue desks and the second being digital desks from the last 30 years.

In addition to the Polaris evolution, the new XRT board for Nexus audio networks was showcased. The XRT is equipped with 12 fibre-optic ports, divided into six high-capacity ports for up to 2,048 audio channels per fibre-optic cable and six ports for up to 512 audio channels.

Lastly, the company introduced its Inspiration stage management desk, designed by Industrial designer Arno Schüneman and named after the German word for stage manager, ‘Inszenator’. The desk is intended for use in theatres with multiple stages and is based on the MediaControl and Delec Oratis product ranges.