SoundGym and SoundGirls collaborate to support women in audio

SoundGym is enabling members to donate Pro subscriptions directly to women that are studying audio and music production, being delivered to SoundGirls which will allocate it to those in need
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SoundGym and SoundGirls have announced a collaboration in order to encourage and support women and girls in the audio industry.

SoundGym is a learning centre for producers and engineers that offers audio ear training online, improving core listening skills. SoundGirls is an international organisation that supports women working in professional audio through scholarships, mentorship, work placements, and workshops.

SoundGym has added a new feature that enables SoundGym members to donate Pro subscriptions directly to women that are studying audio and music production, using soundcoins (the SoundGym platform’s internal currency).

The donated subscriptions will be delivered to the SoundGirls organisation, which will provide it to girls and women audio students that need them the most, helping them in their journeys for excellence with proper ear training programmes and supportive learning environments.

Noam Gingold, CEO at SoundGym stated: “The idea to donate Pro subscriptions to those who need them actually derived from our community members. It’s a pleasure for us to enable our members to take an active part in encouraging and empowering young women to fulfill their dreams, and changing the landscape of the audio industry.”

Karrie Keyes, co-founder at SoundGirls said: “SoundGirls welcomes this exciting programme for our members. Providing education and tools to our members to further their careers is an important component of SoundGirls. SoundGym allows people to work on specific skills and delivers a comprehensive and effective learning experience.”


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