Soundcraft and AKG products stolen from Sound Technology

£26,000 worth of Soundcraft and AKG products were stolen from Sound Technology between 30 and 31 December 2013.
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Sound Technology, one of the biggest distributors of professional audio products and musical instruments in the UK and Ireland has reported a theft of £26,000. The products were stolen from the Harwich depot of global logistics company DSV overnightbetween 30 and 31 December 2013.
Items that were stolen include one Soundcraft Si Expression 2 digital console, with serial number 30385378. There were also four Soundcraft Si Expression 3 consoles stolen, with serial numbers 3036514, 30365154, 30365193 and 30365208.

In addition to the Soundcraft consoles, the following items were taken:
41 x AKG K702 Headphones 1 x AKG K141 Headphones 1 x AKG K67 Tiesto Headphones 4 x AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones 6 x DigiTech X-Series Digital Delay
 The AKG serial numbers will also be published soon. The company kindly asks anyone offered these products from a source other than Sound Technology to contact 01462 480000 urgently, or contact Harwich Police quoting crime reference “123, 30th December 2013.”



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