RH Consulting releases data app as survey shows increase in networked audio gear

RH concludes there are now over 700 networked audio products on the market
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London-based audio consulting firm RH Consulting has completed its second annual count of networked audio products and released the full data as an iOS app, Networked Audio Data.

Building on research completed last year, RH concludes that there are now over 700 networked audio products on the market (not including network interface cards).

“We think that part of the increase in devices we have recorded is due us being more diligent with the research," says consultant Roland Hemming, "but we have also noted a significant increase in product availability with very many product launches over the past year. We included products that use custom protocols, as well as looking at those that are AES67-compliant. For AVB, we counted all AVnu Alliance members’ products separately from those who use the underlying AVB technology for their own solutions.”

For the first time, RHC’s research also included custom protocols, discovering 104 devices with their "own flavour" of networking solution.

RH Consulting, Networking Audio Data

View all the findings at RH Consulting's website, or download the app at itunes.apple.com/us/app/networked-audio-devices/id892825557?ls=1&mt=8.



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