RTS latest intercom partner for Optocore

Optocore has partnered with RTS, part of the Bosch Security Systems group, in order to extend its reach into the intercoms solutions market, writes Dave Robinson.
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Following last year's strategic partnership with intercom solutions provider Clear-Com and the launch of the V3R-FX-INTERCOM and X6R-FX-INTERCOM, Optocore has taken a further step towards making its technology more flexible in the realms of intercom transport by developing a similar network solution for RTS, part of the Bosch Security Systems group.

The ‘V3R-FX-INTERCOM for RTS’ and ‘X6R-FX-INTERCOM for RTS’ interfaces are the results of the collaboration.

Based on Optocore’s V3R-FX/X6R-FX1U series architecture, the devices are equipped with standard RJ45 interfaces, which make cabling “simple and cost-efficient”. As a result of creating an intercom version based on these converters, the new intercom devices are also Line-In and Line-Out converters.

The V3R-FX-INTERCOM for RTS integrates seamlessly into the Optocore Optical Digital network system and intercom inputs can be routed to MADI, AES/EBU or Line outputs, with Intercom messages and control data from RTS user panels or matrix sent transparently through the optical network. Each single intercom channel can be routed to every INTERCOM device in the network via the Optocore Control software.

The V3R-FX-INTERCOM device is equipped with eight RJ45 intercom interfaces — four ports for panels and four ports for matrix. The pin out of the connectors is compatible with all RTS devices, so there is no need to use special cables or adapters — a standard straight CAT5 can be used.

The X6R-FX-INTERCOM for RTS has similar architecture and features, but with eight ports (to Panel) and eight ports (to Matrix); one port can be used either to Panel or to Matrix — though not at the same time (for example Ports 1-4 may be connected to RTS panels and ports 5-8 to RTS Matrix).

The interfaces are shipping now, reports Optocore.

News of the partnership comes at a busy time for Optocore’s founder Marc Brunke: last month in Frankfurt, the Munich-based innovator announced the creation of BroaMan (Broadcast Manufactur GmbH) in order to apply Optocore’s fibre-based network technology to the broadcast and video post-production industries.




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