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Triple triumph for RAVENNA as ARG, OMICRON Lab and Meinberg come on board

The open-standard networking technology welcomes three new supporters

ARG ElectroDesign, the British network/distribution equipment specialist, OMICRON Lab, an Austrian specialist in smart timing and measurement solutions, and Meinberg, a German provider of high-precision timing products, are the latest supporters of the RAVENNA media networking standard.

“We are gratified to note a growing interest in RAVENNA, particularly from companies providing network infrastructure equipment,” comments Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager at ALC NetworX, one of the organisations behind the protocol.

“We are pleased to be a part of the RAVENNA technology platform,” Paul Higuera, sales director at ARG, says. “RAVENNA is an excellent example of a real-time media IP network environment for which our Stagebox switch [pictured] has been specifically designed. We are excited about the opportunity to support our customers as they transition to RAVENNA and to be part of the wider growing interest in IP media networks.”

Markus Pfitscher, responsible for sales and business development at OMICRON Lab, says: “By joining the RAVENNA community, with its open technology and the strong user-base, OMICRON Lab is excited to provide IEEE 1588/PTP timing solutions for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based networks. This partnership will open a new market segment for OMICRON Lab´s timing solutions, and we are proud to cooperate with ALC NetworX and the RAVENNA partners regarding IEEE 1588/PTP timing.”

Heiko Gerstung, managing director of Meinberg, adds: “RAVENNA is a perfect example of an open standard that is clearly designed to help the industry to design products that are firmly oriented towards the requirements of end-users.”

Unlike most of its competitors, RAVENNA – a technology for the real-time distribution of audio and other media in an IP-based networking environment – is an open standard without a proprietary licensing policy. The broadcast-focussed RAVENNA is compatible with the recently published AES67-2013 standard on high-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability.