RAVENNA introduced to industry standards groups

Momentum behind the RAVENNA distribution technology continues to grow with news of presentations to several major industry bodies and the release of a draft specification.
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Momentum behind the RAVENNA distribution technology continues to grow with news of presentations to several major industry bodies and the release of a draft specification.

The development of RAVENNA – which was unveiled to the industry at IBC2010 – is being spearheaded by Lawo associate company ALC NetworX. One of the latest additions to the increasingly lively networking/distribution landscape, RAVENNA enables the distribution of audio and other media content on existing network infrastructures. While broadcast is the primary target, RAVENNA will also be suitable for deployment in other pro-audio markets, including live sound and install.

In the latest stage of the technology’s emergence into the wider world, RAVENNA was recently presented to work groups and committees associated with two major industry bodies. At the recent AES Europe convention in London, RAVENNA was elucidated to AES WG SC-02-12 as well as to the Technical Committee on Networked Audio Systems (TC NAS). ALC NetworX and its partners are currently participating in the SC-02-12-H Task Group for audio interoperability over high-performance IP networks (X192).

Meanwhile, at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) seminar in Geneva, the technology was introduced to the EBU Expert Community on Networks (ECN) and a large audience drawn from the broadcast community.

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager at ALC NetworX, tells PSN-e: “We are actively contributing to the AES X192 efforts, and intensive discussions with the task group leader and some of the main contributors indicate that most of the technologies and definitions employed in RAVENNA will serve as a foundation for the X192 standard draft. Looking forward, we expect product announcements and demonstrations aligned with this year's IBC from several RAVENNA partners.”

These presentations follow hot on the heels of the release of ‘RAVENNA Operating Principles – Draft 1.0’. Available for download to registered users at ravenna.alcnetworx.com, the document explains the fundamental operating principles behind RAVENNA, along with the protocols and data formats employed. Targeted at interested manufacturers and system integrators, the draft also provides information on technological requirements and compliance guidelines.




First RAVENNA spec revealed

ALC NetworX – the company behind the RAVENNA real-time IP-based media distribution technology – has released a draft specification outling technological principles/requirements and compliance guidelines.


RAVENNA gaining ground

ALC NetworX has disclosed details of three new partnerships – with AETA Audio, Digigram and Georg Neumann – relating to its IP-based real-time audio/media distribution technology, RAVENNA.


RAVENNA seminar next month

There are a few days left to register for the first public technical seminar on the RAVENNA Audio over IP technology. The Munich-based company behind RAVENNA, ALC NetworX, will hold the event on 21 March.


New AES group for the North of England

Monitoring innovator Roger Quested will give the first presentation to the new AES North of England group, which was founded by recording engineer Kerry-Anne Kubisa and is based out of the School of Music at the University of Leeds.